A kinder, gentler Walmart?


Dynamic design duo, Robert and Cortney Novogratz recently announced that they have teamed up with retailer juggernaut Walmart for an accessible and affordable line of home decor and furnishings. For years, Target has held the vaunted position of retailer-of-choice for popular and well-regarded home and fashion designers, but its top spot may be slipping with recent misses with Nate Burkus, while Kohl's has had huge success with Vera Wang, and JCPenney's partnership with Jonathan Adler has been a boon to the struggling retailer. The couple has received quite a lot of backlash since it was announced last week, and they responded with this:

We did not take this decision lightly and are super excited to hopefully do great things at Walmart.com and make positive changes for the retailer...We hope you guys love the collection and do not expect everyone to agree with our decisions which we will neither defend nor explain as we were let our actions speak for themselves
— Cortney Novogratz

Will the Novogratz be able to raise the company's EQ?