Laura is a superb designer. We worked with a number of top cover designers (which Laura managed) and Laura designed a number of our covers herself. The covers she designed were often among the best covers we produced. She also developed a number of excellent websites for us. Laura is fun, friendly and easy to work with. I recommend her highly.
— Glenn Yeffeth, Publisher and CEO of BenBella Books

Design can be tricky. And, I think the biggest challenge for anyone involved in the communication arts. Book covers can be too academic. College athletics posters can be tacky. Corporate collateral can be stuffy or hokey. Ads can miss the mark altogether. Avoiding these pitfalls can be a challenge. Knowing the pitfalls is imperative. The objective and nature of the product you’re packaging and promoting must be the motivation for all of your ideas and actions. When you stay focused on the right message and combine it with the right talent, the results are outstanding.

What I’ve Learned: I feel confident I can accomplish many things well, but just as important, I recognize my limits. I focus on what I do well design-wise and have a wide array of talented and creative resources and experts I can rely on – photographers, illustrators and yes, even other designers – at my fingertips.

Listening to my “inner marketing voice” has also served me well throughout the years. A client may desire to introduce an innovative and daring product or approach, but the audience is traditional and conservative. It’s quite likely it will not work. My mantra: If the product and/or message doesn’t communicate quickly and clearly to its targeted audience, you’re wasting your time and efforts.