I’ve ... had the pleasure of working with her at both Marketing Specialists and Allegro. At Marketing Specialists we collaborated on an HR intranet and employee communication campaign that was ahead of its time in design and useful information for employees. I later recruited her to the marketing team at Allegro where she worked on a marketing campaign for a new product launch that included all new print collateral and a completely updated website. In both cases, Laura had to get up to speed on the business and the corporate message and she did so quickly and intuitively. Laura has a great combination of creativity and business sense and is a true asset to any project or company that is lucky enough to have her.
— Cyndi Henderson, SPHR, HR Director, Crow Holdings Capital Partners

Dallas-Fort Worth is the media market I understand best, and I either know or am familiar with all the players – large and small. With that said, my clients have received print, broadcast and online coverage in all the top markets including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and that list continues to grow.

Marketing & Advertising

  • fully integrated campaigns (print and broadcast media and advertising, marketing & web)
  • premiums/product demos
  • trade & consumer outreach
  • TV and radio commercial production

Public Relations & Publicity

  • media campaigns (message creation, pitching and placement)
  • interview coaching/handling
  • magazines (content, layout and ad design)
  • brochures
  • direct marketing
  • newsletters
  • copywriting/proofing/editing
  • media kits

What I’ve Learned: I’ve worked with CEOs, celebrities and unknowns alike, and though the approach (or ease of getting coverage) may be different, fundamentally it’s all about them being subject matter experts: about themselves, a topic, or yes, even their own products or services – and keying in on the right media. Not everyone was a fit for Oprah, not everyone is a fit for The New York Times. The real strategy is doing a lot of homework and finding the right fit – whether it is print, radio and television, or online, and pursuing those opportunities until you’ve exhausted every possibility.